Social Security/Health Insurance – The Netherlands

1. Health Insurance
2. Other Social Security Schemes

1. Health Insurance

A. Health Care Schemes (State-Organised)

1. Migrant Sex Workers with Unlimited Legal Status

These can register in the health care schemes.

2. Migrants with a Temporary Residence Permit

The individual situation of women in this category determines whether or not they can register.

3. Migrants without Legal Status

Persons in this category are excluded from social security and from health care schemes.

B. Private Health Insurance

Women not eligible to register in state health care schemes have to obtain private health insurance.

Insurance as a Sex Worker

In the Netherlands, it is possible to obtain private health insurance as a migrant sex worker.

a) Conditions

No documents or legal status are required in order to obtain this insurance, which covers only clinic fees.
It does not cover the cost of treatment during the insured period if the insured person was infected before this period.

b) Premium

135 € for three months, payable in advance.

c) Validity

Insurance of this type is valid for three months.
It can only be used in the Netherlands, not in other European countries.

d) Where to Apply

This insurance is available at:
OOM Insurances

Carnegieplein 5
2517 KJ Den Haag
Fon +31 (0)70 3601873

2. Other Social Security Schemes

Migrant Sex workers can register for pension schemes and social security benefits only if they have unlimited legal status. Possibilities for sex workers in general are still under development.
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