Social Security/Health Insurance – Denmark

1. Health Insurance
2. Other Social Security Schemes

1. Health Insurance

A. Health Care Schemes (State-Organised)

If someone moves to Denmark from an EU country or from certain other countries, including Croatia, Macedonia, Morocco, Pakistan, Quebec, Slovenia, Switzerland and Turkey, and is or has been covered by the public health insurance in that country, the person is covered by the Danish health insurance as soon as she or he arrives. The person who needs medical assistance has to bring a form showing that she or he was covered by public health insurance in the country of origin.
Migrants from non-EU countries are entitled to public health insurance six weeks after their arrival. Apart from urgent hospital assistance, the person has to pay for any treatment she or he receives in these six weeks before being in the public health insurance.
Any woman on Danish territory has the right to acute treatment in a hospital if she has an accident, suffers from sudden illness or gives birth to a child. This treatment is free of charge. These services are offered anonymously.
1. Migrant Sex Workers with a Residence Permit and a Work Permit
In Denmark sex workers cannot register within the social security system. There are no special health services for sex workers.
a) Self-Employed Prostitutes

Self-employed prostitutes cannot register within the state-organised health care schemes.

b) If Employed as a Prostitute/Barmaid/Waitress/Dancer

In Denmark it is not possible to employ a prostitute. A prostitute cannot register in a health care scheme.
Migrants employed as barmaids, waitresses, dancers etc. holding a residence permit and a work permit must register for health care schemes, like all other employees. Fees are deducted directly and forwarded from the employee’s salary by the employer.

2. Migrants without Legal Status

Migrants without legal status are excluded from social security and health care schemes. In cases of emergency they receive free health treatment in hospitals. This treatment is free of charge.
The staff at the hospital are not obliged to contact the police if they notice that the patient has no permit to stay in Denmark.

B. Private Health Insurance

Women not eligible to register for health care schemes have to obtain private health insurance.
Insurance as a Sex Worker
In Denmark, migrant sex workers cannot sign up for private health insurance as sex workers.

2. Other Social Security Schemes

Health Service Providers

In Denmark there are no special health services for sex workers.
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