Social Security/Health Insurance – Spain

1. Health Insurance
2. Other Social Security Schemes

1. Health Insurance

A. Health Care Schemes (State-Organised)

1. Migrant Sex Workers with a Residence Permit

In Spain, foreigners who are registered in the country where they usually live can apply for state-organized health care schemes, as any other Spanish citizen.

Foreigners under 18 years have access to the same health care scheme as any Spanish citizen.

Please note:
In emergencies, all foreigners have access to the emergency public health care, until the patient is discharged.
Pregnant women have access to health care systems during pregnancy, birth and during their lying-in.
2. Migrants without Legal Status

Migrants without legal status are included in the health care schemes if they are registered in the county they live in. If they are not registered in the county, they receive treatment in hospitals (see Useful Addresses) in case of emergencies.

B. Private Health Insurance

For both EU- and non-EU sex workers, it is possible to obtain private health insurance. No distinction is made between prostitutes and other sex workers at the time of making a private health insurance.

Companies who offer health insurance for these women are (among others):


The necessary documents to be presented are:

  • a passport and
  • a residence registration.

Costs depend on the sex and the age of the person. For a thirty year old woman, the approximate cost would be 50 Euros per month. The insurance is usually valid for one year. It can be used in Spain. Whether it can be used in other countries would depend on the conditions in the insurance contract.

2. Other Social Security Schemes

A. Migrants with a Residence Permit

Foreigners with a legal residence permit have access to the social security system and to the social services as any other Spanish citizen.

If a woman is employed, she has to register for these social services like all other employees. Fees are deducted directly and forwarded from the employee’s salary by the employer. For more information, click here.

B. Migrants without legal status

Migrants without legal status are excluded from the social security system. However, they have access to the basic benefits and services.
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