Social Security/Health Insurance – Finland

1. Health Insurance
2. Other Social Security Schemes

1. Health Insurance

A. Health Care Schemes (State-Organised)

1. Migrant Sex Workers with a Residence Permit

Social security is not related to the form of employment held. Every foreigner holding a residence permit has a right to belong to the social security system and can register for health care schemes.

2. Migrants without Legal Status

Migrants without legal status are excluded from social security and health care schemes. In cases of emergency, they are taken care of: they receive health treatment, but may have to pay some kind of administration fee.

B. Private Health Insurance

As every Finnish citizen and every foreigner holding a residence permit belongs to the state-organised social security system that covers health care, there are no Finnish insurance companies that provide private health insurance. Therefore, it can only be obtained through health insurance companies in other countries.

2. Other Social Security Schemes

A. Migrants with a Residence Permit

Migrant sex workers with a residence permit can also register for pension schemes and social security benefits.

B. Migrants without legal status

Migrants without legal status cannot register for these schemes.
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