Social Security/Health Insurance – Austria

1. Health Insurance
2. Other Social Security Schemes

1. Health Insurance

A. Health Care Schemes (State-Organised)

1. Migrant Sex Workers with a Residence Permit

Migrant women with a residence permit can register within the general social security system.

a) Self-Employed Prostitutes

These must register for health care schemes according to the “Gewerbliches Sozialversicherungsgesetz” (social security laws).

Please note:
You must register within 4 weeks after commencing work.
b) If Employed as a Barmaid / Waitress

Woman in this category can register for health care schemes like all other employees, but need a work permit in addition to their residence permit.

c) Show Dancers

With a show dancers’ residence permit (limited to three months), woman in this category need private health insurance.

2. Migrants without Legal Status

Migrants without legal status are excluded from social security and health care schemes.

B. Private Health Insurance

Women not eligible to register in state health care schemes have to obtain private health insurance.

Insurance as a Sex Worker

In Austria, migrant sex workers may be privately health insured, but have to pay higher premiums due to the risk.

a) Conditions

To qualify for private health insurance, the woman has to state her address. Sometimes she also has to fill in a registration form.
A visa is not required, but the woman must in any case obtain health insurance in order to obtain a visa.

b) Premium

61 € per month (for a women of 30 years).

c) Validity

The certificate is valid for 11 months, but may be extended.

d) Where to Apply

This insurance is available at:
Generali Versicherungs AG
Wüstenrot Versicherungs AG
Bundesländer Versicherungen (Unica)

2. Other Social Security Schemes

A. Self-Employed Prostitutes with a Residence Permit

These must register for pension schemes according to the “Gewerbliches Sozialversicherungsgesetz” (social security laws).

B. If Employed as a Barmaid/Waitress/with a Residence Permit and Work Permit

These can register for pension schemes and social security benefits as employees.

C. Others

Others cannot register.
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